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Who should attend the AIHM Conference?

Primary care providers, nursing professionals, pharmacy professionals, members of health institutions and practitioners across the spectrum of conventional and integrative providers. Come discover how conventional medicine and integrative health are uniting to create a Whole Health model for enhancing care and optimizing results within your scope of practice.


We invite you to lend your voice and vision. Come inspire, and be inspired!


Come share and experience the exciting breakthroughs, integrated protocols and game-changing, evidence-based data that is creating a more organic and seamless fusion between conventional medicine and integrative health. Add your knowledge and energy to ours, as we unite people, planet and purpose, as one, in the pursuit of better outcomes for our patients.

Attend our special events!

Look out for fun and exciting events throughout the conference, as well as numerous activities and countless opportunities for sharing experiences and expanding your network. Collaborate with new and familiar colleagues as, together, you set up objectives for the coming year.

Don’t miss our 2024 Dance Party and Awards Ceremony! Additional events include the Membership Organization Summit and Dinner, the Leadership Meeting, Pre-Con Day, the Fellowship Meeting and Graduation, and other engaging activities. Stay tuned for more information to come!


Thank you, sponsors!